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While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


Da’ Ruetza Eik-Vagh, mine story, so far. Vhat vould any outsiders unnerstand bout, dhe free peoples…?

Mineself, vas born, long time ago. But enough of dhat for dhe now.
I are sitting down, to rest. Been running now dhese last 10 days, vith dhese accursed boots, dhat oldt, genasai witch tricked onto me. Undt, dhat’s une oder ting, Mineself, vas completing une regalia hunt, of une new Elk beast totem. Vhen, dhis witch inner-upted it. By setting une geas on mineself – dhrough of all tings, dhe spirit of dhe Elk!

Ach! Dhese accursed boots be dragging me towards dhat seashore… More later, GranFadder, I know I be talking vith my olderself, shush, outsiders don’t see or talk vith dhere spirit-guides, like ve Uthgardt Peoples do… Arg, dhese accursed boots!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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